Meet the artist

Marije Schreur, a talented artist from the Netherlands, transformed her life after a tumultuous period in her youth. At the age of 18, she was confronted with depression, a time when everything seemed to darken. Until one day, she decided that things could and must change. Determined to take control of her own destiny, Marije enrolled at the Milan Art Institute. This bold step marked the beginning of her career as a professional artist.

With an unmistakable style that she describes as urban expressionist, Marije uses acrylic paint and charcoal on paper to create her visionary works. Her art is a reflection of her deepest emotions and thoughts, with fashion and nature as her sources of inspiration. However, Marije’s work goes beyond aesthetics; it is a powerful call for awareness of mental health issues and an encouraging invitation for everyone to pursue their dreams, regardless of the obstacles they encounter.

While she is busy creating new artworks in her studio, Marije looks forward to the future with enthusiasm. She cherishes the ambition to write a book in which she shares her personal story and inspires others with her journey from darkness to light. With her unwavering determination and boundless creativity, she is not only an artist but also a visionary who pushes the boundaries of art and sheds light on important issues such as mental health in today’s world.

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